Export Consultant Mainstrategy can help your organisation win profitable export business. The world is full of exciting export opportunities and, however Brexit evolves, NOW is the time maximise your exports.

We are a group of senior, experienced, successful, businessmen with impressive track records in international trade. We will offer you export sales advice and help guide you through the complexities of choosing the right agents, distributors and joint venture partners, in order to maximise your export potential.

Many companies and SMEs have superb products and services but do not have the local contacts and expertise to seek out and secure lucrative export contracts. Mainstrategy has the skills to guide businesses and executives to develop overseas markets and win.

We consider that the selection and appointment of local agents, distributors and joint venture partners is absolutely critical. We will play a key role in this process conducting due diligence assessments where appropriate.

Mainstrategy enjoys a remarkable network of proven connections in many parts of the world who can facilitate your export business. We have access to the best commercial intelligence and can seek out the right opportunities for you, when we have a full appreciation of your objectives.

Additionally a valuable service we can provide is mentoring your executives on a one to one basis.

All of this expertise, contacts and knowledge is available to you following our appointment as your export advisors.

Whether you wish to increase your trade in the Middle East, certain sub-Saharan nations, the ASEAN region, or parts of Europe, we can guide you with our export advice.